Provide The Professional Products

Independent research and development production, mastering the core technology of the product. Each production line is meticulous to complete the work.

Enjoy Global Services

From the date of purchase, we offer at least 3-year warranty, supporting OEM and ODM service.

Superior Quality

Products from the assembly -> isolated inspection -> 48 hours aging -> one by one testing -> final packing. Each process has a QC to control the quality.

Multiple Certificates

Many kinds of products passed the ETL, DLC, TUV-CE, TUV-CB, TUV-SAA, RoHS certificate. Safe and reliable.


Offering the perfect commercial / industrial lighting solutions to the customers.

About US

Founded in 2004, OGJG Lighting specialized in manufacturing highly effective, energy-saving lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and government clients that generate significant cost-savin.. Learn more details

Energy Saving

The light efficiency of the LED is 2.6 times of the traditional fluorescent tube.

Long Lifespan

The product has 50,000 hours lifespan, it's 28 times comparing with the fluorescent tubes.

High Performance

Various styles, suitable for different places.

OGJG Lighing And Electronic Co.,LTD

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